I’m currently an Analytics Manager at 605, where I work on problems of observational inference and persuadability modeling, helping our corporate and political clients to better understand the impact of their advertising campaigns and optimize their targeting. Previously, I was a grad student at NYU Gallatin, where I was lucky to have the freedom to study a wide variety of topics in political science, statistics, and data science.

Methodologically, I am passionate about quantifying uncertainty in observational inference; when we work on the many essential political and business questions that cannot be approached with experiments, how do we rigorously understand the uncertainty and limitations that come with observational methods? Some of my substantive interests include the increasing prominence of white identity in American politics, and the extent to which voting is habit forming.

Before grad school, I was a field and data staffer up and down the ballot in Minnesota. When not thinking about politics, I can most often be found running, reading, or playing chess.

My aim with this space is to show off some of my larger side projects, especially those that would benefit from some expository writing. I’ll also include occasional career updates.