Most of the cool stuff I get to build these days isn’t public unfortunately. Hoping to expand out my public stuff eventually, but I do have an R package that gets some use:


retrodesign provides tools for working with Type S (Sign) and Type M (Magnitude) errors, as proposed in Gelman and Tuerlinckx (2000) and Gelman & Carlin (2014). In addition to simply calculating the probability of Type S/M error, the package includes functions for calculating these errors across a variety of effect sizes for comparison, and recommended sample size given “tolerances” for Type S/M errors. To improve the speed of these calculations, closed forms solutions for the probability of a Type S/M error from Lu, Qiu, and Deng (2018) are implemented. The broader goal of this project was to make it easier for researchers to understand these issues in their work, and it’s gratifying the package has been able to do that.

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